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Women's Business

Women's Healing Program "Binbi Gayu Danani"

Binbi Gayu Danani in the Gangalu language means, ‘Beautiful Women Growing’ this program is Helem Yumba’s Women’s Healing program.

Our Program is designed to enable women to rebuild and develop their understanding of why their life needs to change, how they can improve the outlook and safety on their own future and their families and to engage them in learning how to develop and maintain respectful relationships and break the cycle of Domestic and Family Violence therefore reinstating their roles as nurturers of our families and the community.


Women's Yarning Circles

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are often the backbone of their families and communities. However, they carry a lot of burden and problems and are often the victims of domestic and family violence as well as sexual violence. 


That’s why it’s important for our women to come together on a regular basis to yarn about the issues that affect us and inspire us and to find the space to  support and encourage each other.

Through our ‘Yarning Circles’ we ensure our women have the knowledge and courage to build safe, harmonious and connected families.

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