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Men's Business

Male Behaviour Change Program (Gatharr Weyebe Banabe)


The Male Behavior Change Program provided by Helem Yumba is called the ‘Gatharr Weyebe Banabe’ Meaning "Man's Life Change" a program specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men.

The program is designed to enable men to develop their understanding of how their lives need to change, and how they can improve the outlook on their own future and develop an understanding of what a respectful relationship should look like.

The program has three phases:


  1. Phase one: Recognizing the issues and motivation for change.

  2. Phase two: the two day intensive retreat focusing on reinstating cultural identity, Group Activities and Contemporary healing ceremonies.     ​​

  3. Phase three: ongoing support along their healing journey

Men's Yarning Circles

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  men have important roles in our families and communities.


To support our men to continue to be strong and have positive impacts within our families and community and especially on our young people, Helem Yumba provide a safe place for them to yarn and support each other.

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