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Dads on the Inside / Fathers Being Dads Program

In 2014, Dads on the Inside was funded through Communities for Children with the aim to connect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inmates of the Rockhampton Community Corrections Centre to their families and assist in maintaining the vital bond between the fathers and their children.The two fathering programmes consist of the same content; giving fathers the opportunity to improve their parenting skills by way of enhancing their confidence and communication with their children and rest of the family. Also increasing the participants knowledge of children’s learning and growth milestones, projected outcomes of these learning will increase quality time with their children and keeping them safe.

Outcomes of Dad’s on the Inside

"Just being supported to yarn about my kids or being a dad makes me feel like giving it a crack again (i.e. trying to be in
the children’s lives again)".

We have seen evidence of this working, for example if a man can't sleep at 2 am they can't sleep because their conscience is bothering them, and they start to think about things. We have men incarcerated that have done our behaviour change program before being incarcerated, and they have said to us, "I thought I'd be able to come in here and forget about my children and just do my time and then get out". And they have said to us, "I haven't been able to shut my mind down, I haven't been able to stop thinking of my children". Read more...

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